Why should you advertise during the live match of India Vs Australia

Sports Advertising in India

India is a multi-sporting country where a variety of sports are played on a daily basis. Hockey, badminton, tennis, football are also played. Out of these cricket holds the most proportion, in terms of the number of followers and playing numbers. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India and a few would certainly see it as a faith within the nation rather than a sporting activity. When there is a cricket match happening, people usually tend to give up on what they are doing and get glued on the television, mobile screens so as to watch the match. It is something that joins the Indians together like nothing else.

Sports and advertising move hand in hand. The relation between advertising and sports has been traditional in nature. Advertising has transformed sports into one of the most profitable industries in the world. Sponsorship of merchandise, stadium and the team has been the oldest forms of advertising in sports.

Advertising of sports also includes media like newspaper, radio, television and Out of home. Today advertising has gone digital. It includes digital content, digital marketing, social media amongst others.

Sports advertising can be considered as a form of marketing that focuses on promoting both the brands as well as the sports and the team playing.

Due to the advancement in technology people and businesses can connect with a wider audience using their gadgets like smart phones.

The marketing that is trending today is live-streaming of sports. It is sharing live audio and video from an event. Brands from all kinds can benefit from live streaming. Unlike any other form of entertainment, that can be watched again at any time, sports has to be watched live. This in turn makes the value of sports advertising more as unlike other forms of entertainment it cannot be paused or switched off to watch on some other date. The Indian audience perceive the brands to be energetic and young as the majority of consumers comprises of the youth of the country. Sports conveys an image of a healthy and active lifestyle, that in turn provides an opportunity to the advertisers to connect with the audience who are conscious of healthy lifestyle.

India Vs Australia

India is all set to get back on the international ground with a 3 match ODI series against Australia starting from November 27.

The opening two matches will be played at Sydney Cricket Ground on the 27 and 29 November, whereas the third and the final match will take place in Manuka Oval in Canberra on December 2. It will live stream at 9:10 am IST.

In the year 2017-2018 Cricket Australia had signed a 6 year deal for all live broadcasts and live streaming of cricket played in Australia with Sony Pictures Sports Network.

The matches will be exclusively live-streamed on the Sony LIV.

Reasons to advertise during the Live-stream

  1. It increases brand awareness

Live streaming helps in the growth of the brands personality and the audience. It helps in capturing a large audience by streaming sports events. Once the brand garners the attention of the audience, they can share their story and to show the audience what value they have to offer.

  1. It helps connect the brand to the audience

Live streaming allows brands to have a memorable interaction with the audience. It promotes genuine connection that the audience can have access to from being anywhere to the comfort of their home. It is a way of building brand community.

  1. It helps brands share their stories

A brand that can share content allows viewers to connect the audience on a personal level which is a key to attract loyal customers.

  1. It helps brand make an emotional connect

Sports increases peoples passion and emotions. It leaves a strong and long lasting impact in the minds of the viewers. Some people watch the sport as they are following a particular player or a nation pride. It helps the brand establish an emotional connect with the audience.

  1. It can help increase followings

Live streaming is important for brands that want to increase social media following and the effectiveness of SEO. It can encourage the audience to subscribe to their website which in turn can helps in growing their social media presence.

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