Things you Need to Know About Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting is a practice of creating touchpoint with the employees, clients or prospects through a gift which can be personalised gift items, edible treat, eGift card or an experience such as gift card, free subscription etc. Corporate gifts are valuable items presented by an organization to their employees, clients, charities, dealers or potential clients. It is given as a token of appreciation or goodwill.

The corporate gift also signifies that the organization values their relationship with the clients and employees and is looking for a long-term stable partnership.

In many companies across the globe, the gifting culture is established and it is an integral part of maintaining good relations between the organization and their employees, clients, charities, dealers or potential clients. Internal gifts are gifts that are given to the managers, staff, executives, stakeholders. These are gifts that are exclusively given to those who are involved in the decision -making strategies and in the operations of the company. External gifts are given to clients by the company. They are also given to a client as a reward for the longest time the client has remained in relation to the company. It is also given to clients who are new to the company. External gifting attracts new clients, strengthens your brand image and also helps in building a stronger relationship with the existing clients.

Different Types of Corporate Gifts

1. Corporate Gifts are given to employees

They are generally given to show appreciation when an employee has excelled or to a loyal employee. Gifting an employee a personalized gift creates a sense of being valued and belongingness.

2. Corporate Gifts are given to a company

This is when a business wants to reward a company as a whole for their good work.

3. Corporate Gifts are given to clients

Gifting a client can help in letting them know that their business is valued, encouraging them to continue their services.

4. Corporate Gifts given to prospects

Corporate gifts are given to potential clients to help strengthen brand image. Sending the right gift at the right time can motivate prospects to take the desired action and become your customers.

5. Promotional Gift

This is given to a large number of people to promote the company. They are branded.

6. Marketing Gifts

Marketing gifts are a great way to form a connection with your audience.

7. Sales Prospecting Gifts

Using gifts to improve the results of your sales prospecting is impactful. A sales prospecting gift that is present in the customer journey can improve outcomes.

Corporate Gifting Occasions

Some of the occasions for giving corporate gifts are:

1. Festivals

Festivals are the perfect timing for corporate gifting. It has become common for companies to gift clients and employees on festivals such as Diwali, Christmas and other occasions to share the happiness of the festivals.

2. Events

Events are great occasions to give away gifts. Gifting the visitors in the events can help your company stand out from the others.

3. Product Launches

Gifting the visitors who are present for the product launch makes it memorable for the visitors. People would pay more attention to the new product that is being launched and would appreciate the gesture.

4. Important Days

There are several days in the calendar that are important such as the founders day. You can give the gift on these occasions to make your employees feel special.

Additional Occasions for Employees

1. Promotions

A personalised gift for promotions will boost the employees and that would help them work more efficiently.

2. Onboarding

Offering thoughtful gifts to new employees is a great way to welcome them on-board. This will help them stay motivated to perform their best.

3. Work Anniversary

Recognizing the anniversary of an employee at the company shows that their efforts and hard work are recognised. It will inspire them to continue to give their best. It also creates a positive work environment.

4. Retirement

It is the best time to convey appreciation for all the hard work that was done all through the years. Honoring the person with unique corporate gifting is the best way to express gratitude for their loyalty and commitment.

Gifting Options

Here are some hand-picked corporate gifting ideas:

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1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are great corporate gifting. They offer flexibility and it can be actually be used to buy something useful.

2. Electronics

Electronics goods such as portable Bluetooth speaker, smartwatches are currently in trend.

3. Sweet Hampers

Hampers of gourmet food, sweets, dry fruits, chocolates are a great gifting option during festivals.

4. Flowers

Personal milestones like birthdays can be made special by gifting a handwritten note with flowers.

5. Customized Gift Bag

Personalized gift bag for sports enthusiasts such as customised sports tee, sports gear; gifting a music lover with headphones, speakers; gifting book lovers with books, pen, bookmark.

6. Office Stationeries

As employees spend a huge time at the office, gifting them with office essentials is a good idea. Engraved metal pens, professional notebooks, digital organizers, pen-drives, visiting card holders are good options.

7. Travel Kit

A thoughtful way for gifting employees who frequently travel for work would be to gift them a flight kit with essentials.

8. Paid Holiday

Getting a day off on special occasions

9. Personalized Plants

Gifting employees an air-purifying office plant with the plant vase customised with their names on special occasions gives a refreshing positive vibe.

10. Free Subscriptions

Subscription of magazines to OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar is a great choice for corporate gifting.

11. Eco-Friendly Gifts

Another great gifting option is eco-friendly gift bags which can include reusable straws, post-consumer waste notebooks, stainless steel water bottles, thermal coffee mugs etc.

12. Table Essentials

Another gifting option is table essentials which include a portable phone charger, file carrier, journal, photo frame, laptop bags etc.

13. Tickets to Sporting Events and Live Entertainment

Tickets to Sporting Events and Live Entertainment are a great option for corporate gifting.

14. Personal care Products

They make a great gifting option for employees. It can be personally curated with essential oils, sanitizers, masks, bathing care sets, shaving essentials for men etc.

15. Online Classes

Give your client the gift of learning and an experience they will remember.

16. A Charity Donation

Make a charity donation in the name of your customer and let them know of it. A charity donation is a meaningful gesture that communicates your company values and honours theirs.

17. Home Decor

A wall hanging, a good showpiece, the elegant idol can be a good corporate gifting option.

18. Gadget Organizer

Presenting a gadget organizer to hold items firmly in place is a good option for corporate gifting.

19. Calendars

Calendars are the most common corporate gifts that are given to company employees and clients.

20. Kindle

It is one of the corporate gifting options that can be given to employees and clients.

Top 10 Trending Products for Corporate Gifting

Here is a list of 10 products that are trending by Excellent Publicity:

1. OTT Subscriptions- Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5 and others.

2. Usha Electric Kettle

3. United Colors of Benetton Winter Jackets

4. Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa

5. Saregama Caravaan

6. JBL and Zebronic Speakers

7. Flying Kites with Branding for Uttrayan/Makar Sankranti 2021

8. Samsonite, American Tourister & Tommy Hilfiger Travel Bags

9. Fastrack Perfumes

10. Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle

Benefits of Corporate Gifting

1. A symbol of valued partnership

A gift is a reminder to your employees and your client that you value the relationship you share.

2. Building employee morale

Gifts can be used to reward employees for their hard work, which in turn will boost their morale so they can work efficiently. Gifts can also be given to show that they are an integral part of the success of the company.

3. Creates Brand Awareness

Corporate gifting plays an important role in brand awareness. It helps prospective clients aware of your brand and also creates a positive image of your brand.

4. Maintains Customer Loyalty

Customers who receive corporate gifts are much more likely to give you repeat business. It additionally enforces the partnership link between your stakeholders. Giving corporate gifts reminds the receiver that their business is vital to you. This gives a positive feeling that increases loyalty.

5. Gifts Bridge geographical distance

Corporate gifts are a great way to bridge the geographical distance. It helps in conveying to the clients that they are remembered on special occasions such as festivals.

6. Improving Customer image and perception

By receiving a corporate gift, you broaden the effective perception of the giver. The idea of giving is associated with goodwill. By means of giving a corporate gift to your stakeholders and clients, you improve your brands’ image and also increase positive perceptions.

7. Personalised gifting

Personalised gifting with your company brands helps you create a memorable gift and it helps make a positive impression in the minds of the client.

8. Reducing Marketing Costs

Corporate gifts are one of the most effective advertising methods. These gifts are generally kept around the recipients, but in some cases they may be used on a regular basis. So the cost per impression is lower when compared to other forms of advertising.

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