An insight about the television viewers in India during the pandemic

Due to the pandemic the whole world came to a standstill. As lockdowns were imposed all around the world, people were confined to their homes. People started spending most of the time watching mobile devices and televison as per data released by TV viewership measurement agency BARC India and global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen. The total TV consumption has increased by 8% across India.

TV reach went up by 32 million new average daily viewers in the week to touch 592 million viewers.

A report stated that the consumption of Hindi as a language has grown, with mythology driving the growth due to the re-runs of classic shows like “Ramayan” and “Mahabharat”.

As schools were shut down, there was an increase in television viewership by kids at 20 per cent of the age-group 2-14 years. The average time spent per viewer also saw a growth of 2 per cent, from 3 hours and 46 minutes to 3 hours and 51 minutes a day.

The news genre saw an increase in viewership at 57 per cent. The movies had a viewership at 73 per cent.

The growth in kids channel viewership was at 33 per cent. In terms of gender, female viewers showed marginally higher growth in viewership at 9 per cent in comparison to the male viewers at 8 per cent.

According to a report by media consulting firm Ormax, 12.21 million Hindi general entertainment channel (GEC) viewers watched original content on streaming for the first time during the lockdown.

The consumption growth in the Hindi speaking language was higher at 10 per cent when compared to the South region at 5 per cent.

There was a 22 per cent increase in viewship in mega cities, with the growth in Mumbai at 28 per cent and Delhi at 22 per cent. The growth in television viewing was during the non-prime time that is during the 8am-5pm.

According to the BARC report, the overall ad volume grew 13 per cent with an increase in social advertising at 147 per cent, the banking and financial at 47 per cent and food and beverages at 37 per cent.

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